Race Day Logistics

Check-In and Bib Pick Up:
The Registration Tent will be open from noon until the start of the race. Come early to avoid the crowds! Race bib are filed by last name. Be sure to be in the correct line.

You can pick up bibs for your teammates, but you must go to the different sections of the Registration Tent to locate their bibs which are filed by last name. To avoid confusion, you must let your teammates know that you've picked up their bibs, so they don't wait in line also.

All Bibs contain a chip that is needed to record your time. You will need the tear-off tab portion of the bib for picking up your race T-Shirt.

Bib Placement:
Please pin your bib on the FRONT of your shirt and be sure it can be seen at all times.

Start Times:
RUNNERS will start at 6:00 PM at the starting line in front of the State House. If you are not an experienced runner, please do not line up in the very beginning of the pack... you will be trampled. This is an event for all levels of runners/walkers but keep in mind, there are completive participants.

WALKERS will start at approximately 6:01 PM, immediately after the runners, using the same starting line.

We will be doing a true start and end time. The timer of the race will use the chip in your bib to record the time that you actually step over the starting/finish line to record your time.